Data Protection Statement

We act in accordance with statutory regulations in all data processing operations (e.g. collection, processing and transmission). Your data required for transaction processing is stored and forwarded to the assigned service provider for order processing in the required scope. In the scope of what is legally permitted and taking into account your relevant, protectable interests to exclude transfer of use we can forward your address and credit history and enquire with credit information services such as Schufa, Bürgel and Kreditreform for the purpose of ascertaining creditworthiness and credit checking of orders. In the case of orders on account or hire purchase agreements, we may also use address details in addition to other credit-related data to evaluate the risk of debt default on a case-by-case basis.


Anonymous Data Collection

You can visit our websites without leaving details of your person. We do not store any personal data whatsoever in this connection. To improve our offer we merely evaluate statistical data that allows no conclusions to be drawn with regard to your person.


Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

We collect personal data (individual details regarding personal or factual circumstances of a identified or identifiable natural person) only in the scope provided by you. Processing and use of your personal data occurs for the purpose of fulfilling and processing your order, as well as handling your enquiries. Furthermore, the vendor can collect and process address and order data for his own marketing purposes. Only such data as is permitted by law is passed on for third-party marketing purposes (general published data and certain data collated in lists in accordance with § 28 Para. 3 no. 3 old version and § 47 no. 2 new version of Federal Data Protection Act as well as in accordance with § 28 Para. 3 p.2 and p.4 new version of Federal Data Protection Act).

Please note:

You can object to the use, processing and transfer of your personal data for marketing purposes by sending an informal notification via post to Bataillon Belette GmbH, Badgasse 21, 71083 Herrenberg, Germany, or via email to: [email protected] However this objection will not apply to the data required to process your order. Upon receipt of your objection, we will no longer use, process and transfer the data concerned for purposes other than that of processing your order, and will stop any further dispatch of advertising material to you, including our catalogues.


Disclosure of Personal Data

The disclosure of your data to third parties without your express consent will not occur. The only exception is to our aforementioned service partners that we require for processing the contractual relationship. In these cases we adhere strictly to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. All data transfer will be restricted to a minimum.



Our internet pages use what are known as cookies in multiple locations. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and are saved by your browser. They serve the purpose of making our offer more user-friendly, effective and secure. Moreover, cookies enable our systems to recognise your browser and offer services to you. Cookies do not contain any personal data.


Web Tracking

Information concerning the surfing behaviour of website visitors is collected and stored in anonymised form on this website. This data is stored on your computer with the help of cookie text files, and it allows us to analyse surfing behaviour in anonymised form. For example: which town a website visitor comes from, which browser type and operating system the website visitor uses and which pages he visits in our internet presence. In no event can data gained in this way be used to personally identify visitors to the website. Collected data is merely used to improve our offer. This is why all IP addresses are abbreviated so IP addresses are only processed in anonymised form. Any other use or transfer to third parties will not occur. If you object to the completely anonymised analysis of your surfing behaviour or wish to cancel your previous objection, you can alter these settings here: